about us

ergoform consulting private limited (ergoform), is an engineering design management company, that focuses on the total product design and includes in its core capability, the design & development of products through a process of Industrial Design and Engineering, specifically in the areas of transportation, product, retail and urban design.

ergoform, through Product Design, aims to reconcile the consumer needs with manufacturing possibilities. It is concerned with the development of products from initial concept to visualising to manufacture and sale, exploring the wide variety of alternative paths for Product Development while trying to harmonise the requirements of marketing, production, finance and the contribution of others in the product development team.

ergoform offers ‘total design’ approaches to projects, in which not only the functional aspects but also the industrial design, ergonomics and design for ease of manufacture are considered. Its services range from initial design concept through the entire design and development cycle, to prototyping and manufacture.

ergoform studio

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