It’s DIY Fridays #1 – Paper Holder

DIY Fridays is an initiative to get our designers thinking better and creating better. The last Friday of every month will be DIY Friday where a brief will be defined based on a specific material or a product that we will later put to use in our studio. Starting this week with cardboard, the brief is to design and build a paper holder/organizer that we use on our desks to store all the sketches we do! We will be posting the results of DIYF. In the mean time, keep in touch with us on twitter here. You will also be able to find more examples

UPDATE: Here are the paper holders! Vote for your favourite ones in the comments.

Dinesh’s Multipurpose Concept (First Place)

Vijay’s Toaster Concept (Second Place)

Swetha’s Simplex Concept (Third Place)

Parita’s Frugity

Manoj’s Insect

Bala’s Papyrus-The Other Side

Siddharth’s PaperGator

Rohit’s Marsupial

Karna’s Concept

Nancy’s Tedha

Siddharth’s SeeItAll

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