carnival kiosk

carnival kiosk at the mall

a carnival is a public celebration combining some elements of a circus and public street party, generally during the carnival season. the form for the ice-cream vending kiosk takes inspiration from the enthusiasm of the carnival. the ‘fun’ feel of the kiosk is exemplified through the ‘open concept of the kiosk’. the canopy forms the bulk of the kiosk adding to its character.

carnival kiosk is designed for vending ice-creams, hot beverages and sometimes newspapers & magazines at fuel stations, railway platforms, cinema halls, malls or on the streets. keeping in mind the target audience, carnival has all the ingredients necessary to keep itself noticed in the retail clutter. designed for assembly on-site, the carnival kiosk consists of sheet metal and fibre reinforced plastic panels assembled on a mild steel frame structure. tables & storage surfaces are constructed of stainless steel & corian.

the interesting element is the canopy, that doubles up as an awning as well as a tamperproof shutter for closing the kiosk. the easy to use shutter collapsible mechanism enables to position the canopy at any angle.

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