mobio lab

mobile diagnostic laboratory

mobio exterior

Custom designed for the rotary foundation, the mobile diagnostic laboratory(MBL) is built around a standard tempo traveller van. the unit has been designed to monitor health & provide basic diagnostic facility in rural areas, and even if the van could have mechanical problems, and could be replaced soon from a car company online, learn more about Vin’s Automotive Group and what kind of cars and vans can you find there.

The unit is equipped with sophisticated equipment for Blood & Urine analysis, X-ray with Dark room facility, ECG and Ultrasound Scanning.

MBL is ergonomically designed to provide the Doctors, Lab technicians and assistants to work comfortably within the limited space.

compact & optimal space plan

MBL was conceptualized as a first of its kind to bring together new technology and medical expertise in an unprecedented manner. The combination of accurate and superior diagnostic, outward reach of technologies and early diagnosis will go a long way in reducing the economic burden of diseases, as well as improving the awareness and timely access to care for the sick and the needy in rural and remote areas.

The MBL is fully equipped with advanced equipment necessary for specialized diagnosis.

  • Bio-Chemical Analyser
  • Calorimeter
  • Microscope
  • Centrifuge
  • VDRL Shaker
  • Heat Block
  • Water Bath
  • Refrigerator
  • X-Ray & Development chamber
  • Computer
  • Other support equipment

mobio’s sophisticated & well planned interior

MBL is self-contained with its inbuilt 220V AC power and water supply. The 2.5KVA Honda generator is installed in such a way that the generator can be winched down and wheeled away from the unit thus providing a noise-free ambience inside the unit. The 20m-cable reel allows the unit to be linked to any AC power supply, if available at the campsite. On-line UPS provides clean and uninterrupted power supply to the equipment for unhindered diagnosis.

FRP lined water tank provides about 50 liters of water, which can be pumped up thro a water pump provided in the unit. The grey water tank located under the floor collects the wastewater, avoiding contaminating and dirtying the camp area.

With a superior braking system, heavy-duty transmission and soft semi-elliptic leaf spring combined with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers suspension, the MBL provides a smooth ride both for its passengers and for the sensitive equipment.

Tastefully done interior together with the right lighting, creates a comfortable and pleasing working ambience. Forced ventilation with provision for air-conditioning, maintains continuous flow of air across the unit.

Communication is established with Bio-Chem Foundation at Mysore through a GSM network installed in MBL

mo-bio lab video on youtube

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