crescent: dubai ac bus shelter

the cresent at night

Crescent is the new age air-conditioned Bus Q- Shelter designed for the city of Dubai. The design form is a contemporary manifestation of the crescent. The narrow base of the side support element emerging into a wider face coupled with the shiny metallic finish lends the structure a sense of lightness and stands tall and bright against the urban landscape. Its contemporary styling perfectly blends with a modern city’s hybrid urbanism.

It incorporates the latest in communication to keep the waiting passengers abreast of information of arrival and destination of the buses stopping at the respective shelters. This ergonomically designed shelter provide comfortable seating and clear view of the arrival of buses. Ample advertising spaces provide a means of revenue generation for the city municipalities.

The Crescent Bus Q Shelter is an all steel modular design and provides the flexibility of width variations depending on the intensity of travellers. The construction allows the shelters to be air-conditioned for extreme hot cities.

The design incorporates ‘design for site assembly’ process; wherein the components made for easy transportation and assembly at site in a short time span. The information panels are neatly integrated into the curve of the form and are backlit for strain-free visual access.

Graphical information are clearly located on the front and sides of the shelter for easy identification and reading.

first set of installation for RTA approvals

the prototype as a direct transformation of the design concept

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